The charity have produced information leaflets for parents in the NICU's/SCBU's. We have also produced an information leaflet for the general public to explain about prematurity and about Irish Premature Babies. We produce information packs for the media to help create a greater understanding of prematurity and of the work the charity does. 

Tiny Footprints

The book is about the journey of 80 families from around Ireland who have had a premature baby or babies. Each story recounts very vividly the rollercoaster of events that ensues when a baby arrives before it’s time. This book was launched on World Prematurity Day-17th of November 2011. The charity is extremely proud to have published and worked on this book and is very grateful to all the people who submitted stories and to the volunteers who worked on the book. 


The charity run a newsletter called " Early Additions". The newsletter is run by a group of volunteers under the wonderful direction of prem mum Orlagh Dowdall who is the editor. I hope you like reading the editions as much as we do in the charity.


Reports on Prematurity.

The charity were proudly involved in the first benchmarking report on prematurity. This report formed part of the EU report Too little too late? which was represented to the EU parliament.

The World Health Organisation WHO in 2012 published its report on prematurity "Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth". The WHO report highlighted the global problem of preterm birth-15 million babies are born too soon each year.

Parent Information Booklets

The Charity have produced some booklets for parents. We hope you find this information useful. 



Early Addition

Early Addition


Other parents