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Press Release for World Prematurity Day 2014
Press Release for Christmas in Crumlin 2013
Press Release for the Ride out for Prems 2012
Press Release for Pounds4prems 2012
Press Release for World Prematurity Day 2011
Press Release for the Spin for Prems 2011
Press Release for the Halloween Ball 2011
Press Release for the Rev up for Prems 2011
Press Release for the Fashion for Prems 2011
Press Release for the Tots & Treats Hampers 2010
Press Release for Awareness Exhibition 2010
Press Release for World Prematurity Day 2010
Press Release for the launch of the Charity 2010

State urged to increase services for families with pre-term baby

Case studies, Charity Representative and Medical Expert Available for interview

·                                                     4,500 babies are born premature in Ireland each year*

·                                                 1 in every 16 births in Ireland are pre-term*

World Prematurity Day will be celebrated today across 60 countries worldwide. Irish Premature Babies (IPB), Ireland’s only registered national charity to support families with a pre-term baby are today launching details of the national Report on Prematurity highlighting the increase of prematurity in Ireland and recommending that the state provide more services to support families with a pre-term baby.  

The report is a longitudinal study into the long term effects of prematurity on both the baby and the family of the preterm baby. This research has never before been carried out in Ireland.

The report looks at the experience of 600 families throughout the country and details their unique and distinctive experience of having a preterm baby in Ireland. Since 2011, IPB have been gathering responses from the participating families and this will continue over the course of the next 15 years until the babies reach university level. 

The key findings from the initial phase one of the research shows:

· Over 40% of mothers of pre-term babies said they suffered from post natal depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

· Only 22% of mothers said they had access to food and hot water while in the neonatal unit

· 38% of parents reported lack of communication between medical staff and mothers of preterm infants

·  Over a quarter of women indicated they had received no support while in the maternity unit. 1 in 3 said the level of support received was poor.

  60% of pre-term mothers said community support was non-existent.

Commenting on the report, Allison Molloy, Chairperson of IPB said:

The hospital staff dealing with the premature babies are quite simply amazing. However, there is no doubt that they are overstretched and their focus, as it should be, is on ensuring the babies get the best care. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, this means the parents often lose out and they too require huge support.”

“Through the relentless help of our volunteers, we have been able to provide support and advice to Irish parents in what is an extremely difficult time in their lives. Demand for our services has increased by a massive 300% in the last 12 months. We would urge the state to provide adequate funding and training for neonatal units and in the community to assist families with a pre-term baby. This is crucial.”

IPB comprises of volunteers who provide a wide range of services for families and particularly for those struggling financially. The charity provide home support grants for families who have preterm quads, bereavement counselling, emergency assistance with accommodation travel and care packages for families while their babies are in the neonatal intensive care units.

IPB also run workshops on first aid, breastfeeding / expressing, art therapy and sensory issues. Last year they introduced a new programme of refurbishing parents’ rooms in hospital, they did three rooms in Crumlin hospital and are in Cork University hospital this year.

Two key recommendations from the charity’s report are:

·         Every mother who wants to express milk should be given a hospital grade pump for use both while she is in hospital and while she is at home. Currently this is not the case and IPB supply mothers with a pump free of charge. Otherwise they would have to pay as much as €96.57 per month.

 An exemption of tax on donated medical equipment. The UK have a system in place whereby there is zero rated VAT added to donated charity funded equipment. IPB has donated equipment to neonatal units around Ireland and has to pay the full VAT rate. This seems highly unjust to charities like IPB who are trying to buy equipment that is provided by the state in other countries around the world but not in Ireland.

For further information on Irish Premature Babies, please visit


Available for media interviews:

1.       Allison Molloy, Chairperson of IPB

2.       Professor Martin White, Consultant neonatologist and director of paediatrics at the Coombe Hospital in Dublin

3.       A range of parents with pre-term babies are also available to comment

For media enquiries/interview opportunities, please contact:

Ailish Smith/Eimear Brady/Anna McCarthy,

T: 01 634 2500 / 086 406 2051 / 087 260 4085


*Central Statistics Office (CSO) and by the ESRI through the National Perinatal Reporting System (NPRS) which is part of the Health Research and Information Division (HRID) at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) – report published November 2013 relating to 2012 figures

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532



“The Christmas spirit is alive & well. Parents helping parents in Crumlin Children’s hospital”


This year the Charity Irish Premature Babies wants to bring a little joy to parents of sick children in Crumlin Hospital. The charity are doing up three rooms in the hospital for parents. On a visit back in October, volunteers from the charity met parents and staff who asked for help in doing up three rooms. The charity met parents whose babies are so poorly that they have never gone home and live in the hospital full time. The charity was so touched by the plight of these families and other families they decided to do something special for Christmas. Families from all over Ireland are staying in Crumlin.

With the help of several businesses like Ikea, Dunnes Stores, the Body Shop, Veritas , Irish Breeze, Butlers and staff in Dublin Institute of Technology in Aungier Street, the charity have gathered enough to decorate and do up the three rooms in the hospital.

We have been so touched by the generosity and kind spirit from other parents that in addition to the rooms getting done up, we also have sacks of toys for several wards all donated by fellow prem parents for both babies and children” said Jen Crawford one of  the main organisers of this initiative.  Parents of premature babies know what it’s like to have a baby in hospital for days, weeks or months. They fully got behind this initiative and we are just delighted at the amount that we can donate on Monday the 23rd of December 2013.

One special boy Jack Wynne a fellow patient from Crumlin Children’s hospital joined in the initiative and helped paint one of the rooms and put together some of the new furniture. Jack who is still undergoing treatment in the hospital wanted to do something to help both the parents and the children. “People like Jack and all the parents who have donated to the initiative are the reasons we do this voluntary work , they inspire us every day” says Chairperson Allison Fegan Molloy

Each year over 4500 babies are born premature, most of these babies will leave hospital after several months but the really ill babies will be transferred to Crumlin or Temple Street for longer care. For the parents of these babies, this is life changing and they often live in the hospital. We want to create a home from home environment, where parents can relax, listen to music, make a cup of tea, listen to some music, this Christmas we  wanted to make a special place for parents.

Irish Premature Babies is a voluntary run charity, they provide services for families in need and they donate equipment to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units around Ireland.


Email us at


Visit our website at

Allison : 086-1628030

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532
Road Warriors- Ride out for prems road challenge 2012

Irish Premature Babies are pleased to announce the launch of their Ride Out For Prems Motor Bike Road Trip Challenge 2012 in association with Dublin Harley Daividson, Peugeot Ireland and others – kindly supported by our patron Georgina Ahern Byrne.
This year the much anticipated Ride Out For Prems annual event will take place over four days from the 26th April to Sunday 29th April. Irish Premature Babies are inviting participants to take up the challenge and be part of this journey of hope. The purpose of the challenge is to raise vital funds for life saving equipment which will go to Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Baby Units around Ireland, including - Incubators, heart monitors, ventilators and apnoea monitors. These are just some examples of the many units required to keep these precious little babies alive.
Over the four day Road Trip, participants will be given the unique opportunity to visit Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Baby Units around Ireland. This will give each and every participant a fantastic insight and opportunity to see firsthand what a difference their fundraising efforts will make. On their visit participant’s will also get to meet the parents and medical staff that they are helping.
We are hoping to have 40-50 motor bikes to take part guaranteeing fabulous sights and definitely lots of fun with a mix of people who’s generosity and enthusiasm knows no bounds.
Please join us on this great journey of hope. To find out more information or how to join please log on to our website and register in the events page or email

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532
Pounds 4 Prems- Weight Loss Challenge for an incubator

With many of the Public currently vowing to loose weight over the next few weeks Irish Premature Babies – The Irish Charity who fundraises and offers advice for Irelands Premature Babies and their families, is calling on the Public to this year donate their weight loss new year resolution to the Charity in the form of the ‘Pounds4prems Weight Loss Challenge’.
This unique challenge and fundraising initiative will start on Monday the 9th of January 2012 and finish on Saturday the 17th of March 2012. Irish Premature Babies is asking that for each pound a participant loose they donate €1 to the charity. The funds raised will go towards purchasing an incubator which will help hundreds of Irish Premature Babies.
Alison Molloy founder of Irish Premature Babies said ‘This is a great programme for anyone looking to loose some weight or even looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle. We have experts on hand to offer advice along the way and provide that much needed support. In order to motivate participants even more everyone that looses over seven pounds will be entered into a draw to win a luxury two night hotel stay in a four star hotel! Every euro raised will go directly towards funding an incubator which are in big demand at a number of neo-natal intensive care units in Ireland.’
‘Pounds for Prems’ is free to register for and participants will have access to expert advice, healthy eating tips and lots of support from other participants.
Registration is very simple at takes place on the forum at

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532
World Prematurity Day 17th November 2011.
12 million babies are born prematurely worldwide every single year and over 1 million of those babies will die.

In Ireland over 4500 babies are born prematurely every year, meaning that one in sixteen women will have a premature baby. Over 500 babies will die in Ireland resulting from either a stillborn or Neonatal death every year. The month of November is designated as International World Prematurity Month and on November 17th, countries across the globe will mark this special day to increase awareness of prematurity and the problems that can be associated with it. In Ireland, the charity Irish Premature Babies (CHY19532) is coordinating a number of events to coincide with World Prematurity Day on November 17th. “One of the key issues we are highlighting this year is the lack of parental accommodation” says Chairperson for the charity Allison Molloy. “If you have a very sick or premature baby who is born anywhere in Ireland, its quiet likely that your baby will be sent to Dublin for treatment, and unfortunately in many cases parents have nowhere to stay. Some premature babies can spend weeks and months in intensive care in Dublin and this puts a huge strain on families already under stress. Parents often don’t have the money for private accommodation and remain separated from their baby which can be hugely detrimental to both the baby and the family”
On Monday the 14th of November: Our Patron and mum of twins who were born prematurely, Georgina Ahern Byrne will be hosting a spinathon at MU Gym in Malahide. Georgina will be joined by some celebrity friends on the night and they will be spinning for 657 miles to signify the long journey that hundreds of babies make from the different Neonatal Intensive Care Units or Special Care Baby Units around Ireland to Dublin for specialised treatment.
On Thursday the 17th of November:
(1) Positive Steps in Prematurity- Irelands inaugural benchmarking report on the burden of preterm birth on support services for premature babies in Ireland will be launched at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday 17 November 2011 from 10.30am to 12.30am. The launch will be attended by leading neonatology healthcare professionals and policy makers focused on discussing the provision of healthcare for premature babies born in Ireland. “The establishment of a national neonatal health programme governing all aspects of neonatal health in Ireland is essential in the delivery of a cohesive, structured and uniform high standard of care. We welcome the remit of the Clinical Lead in Neonatology which will play a key role in advancing the process towards improved neonatal intensive care across the country.” says Mandy Daly, family liaison manager for the charity.
(2) At 4.00 pm on the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, our yearly balloon release will take place. The pink and blue balloons released symbolise the premature babies that are born every year in Ireland and we will also release white balloons with personal messages on them for parents whose babies have passed away.
(3) The last event of the day will be the launch of the book “Tiny Footprints”. This unique book highlights the journey of 80 families and their experience of having a premature baby in Ireland. The book epitomises the rollercoaster ride that ensues when a baby arrives before its time. The book has been reviewed by key players on the Irish literary scene; John Connolly, Sheila Flanagan and Cecelia Ahern. The charity, which is wholly voluntary, put together a team who has worked on this project for months, in the hopes that it will raise awareness of prematurity while also generating badly needed funds for parental accommodation. The book will be launched in three locations Dublin, Cork and Galway. In Dublin, the launch will take place at 6.00pm in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital hosted by our patron, Georgina Ahern. In Cork, the launch will commence at 6.30pm at the Rochestown Park Hotel and in Galway it will take place at 6.00pm at the Ardilaun Hotel. All launches will have a number of dignitaries in attendance with a reception and awareness exhibition on display.
If you would like to receive further information on any of the above or would like to attend any of the events please contact:
Our Media Liaison Irene Dowling at 086-1082545 or at 01-8880882
Email us at or
Visit our website at

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532
“Spinathon” for premature babies with Patron Georgina Ahern and “friends” on Monday the 14th of November 2011 at 6.00pm-9.00pm at MU gym in Malahide.

The 17th of November 2011 is World Prematurity Day. Ireland like countries all over the world will be marking this special day in several different ways. We decided to kick start events for the week a little earlier by hosting a “Spinathon” with patron Georgina Ahern Byrne. Each year in Ireland over 4500 babies are born prematurely. Some of these babies will be extremely sick and absolutely tiny and will need to be transferred from different hospitals all over Ireland to one of the three Dublin specialist Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’S) based in the Rotunda hospital, Holles Street hospital, or the Coombe Hospital. Some of these babies can spend weeks and months getting the specialist care they need in Dublin. The problem faced by hundred’s of families from around the country is that there is no parental accommodation for families. This puts a huge financial, emotional and physical strain on a family already dealing with a traumatic event in their lives. “Parents don’t have the money for private accommodation and often remain separated from their baby which is detrimental for both the baby and the family” says Chairperson Allison Fegan Molloy
To highlight this problem Georgina Ahern Byrne with Irish Premature Babies are holding a “Spinathon” covering the distances between all the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) and Special Care Baby Units (SCBU’s) that represent the journey that many of our countries tiniest babies must travel. The spinners will cover a total of 657 miles while spinning on the night. We are inviting people to join in and register for the spin with Georgina and friends. People can spin for as little as ten minutes or even for the full three hours. Each person who registers pays a fee of €5.00 for each ½ hour session, all of which goes directly to the charity. There are free goody bags to the first 100 people who register for the event. Throughout the spinning there will be spot prizes. Georgina and friends will be available for photo opportunities on the night. If you would like more information about the “Spinathon” at MU gym, Coast Road, Malahide, please contact the following:
Our Media Liaison Irene Dowling at 086-1082545 or leave a message at 01-8880882
Email us at or Visit our website at

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532
Irish Premature Babies supported by Mothercare Ireland
invite you to a frightfully good night at their inaugural Halloween Ball in aid of life saving equipment for the intensive care units
Irish Premature Babies are delighted to announce that they will be holding a fancy dress Halloween party on Saturday the 29th of October from 7.30pm at Dtwo nightclub Harcourt Street. All funds raised from this event will go towards buying lifesaving incubators for the three Dublin Neo-natal units in The Rotunda, National Maternity Hospital Holles Street and The Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital.“We are really looking forward to this event. As a charity we rely heavily on fundraisers such as these and all proceeds from the event will go towards the purchase of invaluable lifesaving equipment” said Allison Molloy Chairperson of Irish Premature Babies.
Tickets are priced at just €25 and can be purchased at The ticket price will include all the necessary ingredients required for a fun Halloween night out such as finger food, entertainment from psychological magician SHANE BLACK, prizes for best fancy dress and also free entry into D2 Night Club. This event is sure to give adults a chance to dress up, have some fun and raise the vital funds needed for equipment - All in attendance are sure to have a wicked night out.
Event: Irish Premature Babies Halloween Ball
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Dtwo nightclub, Harcourt Street, Dublin.
Date: October 29th 2011
If you would like to receive further information please contact Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 087-9459350 / 8880882 or email us at

Irish Premature Babies Launches the "Rev up for Prems" Road Challenge
15 Apr 11
All the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Baby Units around Ireland that look after all the premature and ill babies around Ireland are in desperate need for more lifesaving equipment.
The aim of "Rev up for Prems" Road Challenge is to raise funds to help purchase what each individual unit needs. We will be hosting several different events over the next few months to try to raise funds. Some units require incubators while some require breathing monitor's, ventilators and other vital medical equipment. "Every unit across Ireland is desperately in need of different types of equipment, now that Ireland finally has a charity dedicated to helping parent's, families and units across the country we hope to be able to help our hospitals and increase awareness of the wonderful work they do saving thousands of babies every year" says Allison Molloy founder and Chairperson of Irish Premature Babies.

To kick start our hospital wish list campaign, will have our "Rev up for Prems" Road Challenge. Sean Brennan a motor cyclist enthusiast with a huge heart has very kindly agreed to a road challenge on his Harley Davidson around Ireland. He will be departing Dublin from the Rotunda Hospital and he will be travelling to several NICU/SCBU across Ireland over a 4 day period (Tues 19th April - Fri 22nd April 2011). We will also have a support car which will have 3 members of our organisation on board and we hope to be able to meet parents and staff of each of the units that look after all our sick and premature babies across Ireland. The twist on the challenge is that Sean will not have any accommodation en route so he will be relying on the good generosity of businesses across Ireland to help him on the journey.

It's a great opportunity for all media to get involved to increase awareness of prematurity, to talk to local people in your area and to interview Sean and the members of Irish Premature Babies.Sean and the support team will be stopping at NICU and SCBU units in Drogheda,Cavan,Letterkenny,Castlebar,Galway,Limerick,Cork,Waterford and finally back to Dublin. We will have a text line and this will be our method of fundraising. We will be asking people to text their support for our "Rev up for Prems" challenge. Text "Prem" to 57802. A minimum of €1.35 will go directly to Irish Premature Babies. Standard network charges may apply. CHY Number 19532. Helpline Irish Premature Babies 0818 217100.

If you would like to receive further information please contact: Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660, e-mail us at or visit our website at

Georgina Ahern Byrne To Host Fashion Show In Aid Of Neonatal Units In The Rotunda, Coombe and Holles St. Hospital
08 Feb 11

A fashion extravaganza hosted by Georgina Ahern-Byrne and Irish Premature Babies to raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of The Rotunda Hospital, The Coombe Hospital and the National Maternity Hospital (Holles St).
Fabulous fashions presented by Noel Cunningham (TV3), with Caitriona McCarthy (Independent journalist) and Cathy O' Connor (Off the rails) who will be mc's for the night. We have stunning entertainment provided by Swaga Dance Crew, Genesis Dance Troop and the Hallelujah Gospel Choir. There's a raffle definitely worth entering on the night with extraordinary prizes i.e. Tickets for Westlife and Boyzone with band Meet and Greets, signed jerseys from Adebayor & Tevez , 5 nights accommodation in the Hotel Minella Clonmel and much much more....
"I look forward to helping Irish Premature Babies host the Passion for Prems Fashion Show" said Georgina Ahern-Byrne. "Irish Premature Babies is about supporting families and through various fundraising efforts they wish to acknowledge the amazing, ongoing hard work of the NICU Staff in Ireland. All our parents are forever grateful for the amazing start all their little Prems have received".
She added "We can enjoy cheering on friends and families of Irish Premature Babies as they strut their stuff in fun fashionable clothes from Penneys and Dunnes to many of Malahide Villages most stylish boutique". Siobhan O' Connor from 98fm will be one of our fabulous models on the night wearing one of Fiona Todhunters amazing bridal gowns.
Over 4000 babies are born prematurely in Ireland each year and Irish Premature Babies (CHY19532) is the only organisation who supports families in Ireland with premature children through raising public awareness, on-line and personal support and fund raising activities.
If you would like to receive further information please contact:

Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660
Email us at
Visit our website at

Irish Premature Babies first “Tot’s & Treats” Christmas Appeal was a great success
and it will be expanded nationwide in 2011.

One of the main aims of Irish Premature Babies is to support the parents, grandparents, families and friends who are affected by the trauma of having a premature baby. “It’s so difficult having a premature baby at any time of the year but especially during Christmas. Many parents will unfortunately be faced with the prospect of spending Christmas in the neo-natal unit, alone and away from family and friends. We hope to be able to provide a little bit of Christmas joy to any parent who find themselves in this situation says Allison Molloy, Chairperson for Irish Premature Babies. With the “Tots & “Treats” we delivered specialised items for tiny premature babies or “Tot” and the “Treats” are for the parents and all the staff who are working so hard over Christmas looking after all our ill and premature babies across the country. Our “Tots & Treats” Christmas appeal also let parents know that they are not alone or forgotten and that there are people who are thinking of them for a lot of parents their babies first Christmas it makes it all the more traumatic. “Due to the success of the first years appeal, we will be expanding it to every neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) and special care baby unit (SCBU) across the country says Grace Kinsella PR and Communications for Irish Premature Babies. Hampers were delivered to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda, National Maternity Hospital, Holles St, Rotunda Hospital, Coombe Hospital and Temple St Hospital last night despite the bad weather conditions. Despite being a voluntary organisation, Irish Premature Babies will be available every day for parents in need all over the Christmas period.
If you would like to receive further information please contact:
Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660
Email us at or visit our website at

Press Release – For Immediate Release
Irish Premature Babies Awareness Exhibition
and fundraising day Thursday 25th November 2010 kindly supported by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda at the Pavilions Shopping Centre Swords Co Dublin 9.00am-9.00pm

One of the aims of Irish Premature Babies is to raise awareness about prematurity in Ireland and highlight the difficulties that parents face when babies are born too early. Over 4,500 babies are born prematurely every year in Ireland. “A key way of highlighting the difficult plight that so many babies born prematurely face is to exhibit some neonatal intensive care unit equipment and also our photographic boards which feature babies from day one of their life up until how they are doing now” says Allison Molloy Chairperson of Irish Premature Babies. “Sometimes it’s very difficult to imagine just how tiny these babies are, we will be also exhibiting some comparisons of clothes that a premature baby would wear with that of a term baby” says Mandy Daly Family Liaison Manager from Irish Premature Babies. We will be featuring the following:
● Exhibition of stories and photographic journeys of babies born prematurely
● Exhibition of some neonatal equipment such as an incubator, ventilator and photo light therapy equipment.
● Exhibition of premature baby clothing to show the comparison to that of a full term newborn infant.
If you would like to receive further information please contact:
Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660
Email us at or visit our website at

Press Release – For Immediate Release
International Prematurity Awareness Day 17th November 2010.
Irish Premature Babies – Ireland’s voluntary organisation that supports the 4,000 families of babies born prematurely each year.

One of the aims of Irish Premature Babies is to raise awareness about prematurity in Ireland and highlight the difficulties that parents face when babies are born too early. “International Prematurity day is going to be publicized all over Europe and we will are marking the day in Ireland” says Allison Molloy, Chairperson of Irish Premature Babies. “ We will be paying tribute to the medical staff who do amazing work in the NICU’s/ SCBU’s, creating awareness of the reality of prematurity and remembering the babies who sadly pass away every year” says Mandy Daly, Family Liaison with Irish Premature Babies.
To mark International Prematurity Day we have a number of events running:
Dublin- 12.30pm at the Mansion House.
• An exhibition of stories and photos from families affected by prematurity in Ireland, taking place at the St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre from 9.00am.
• A tree planting ceremony in St. Stephen’s Green in honour of all the premature babies that are born in Ireland every year, kindly supported by the OPW.
• A balloon release outside the Mansion House at 12.30pm – about 300 pink, blue and white balloons to celebrate children born prematurely and commemorate babies that have passed away, kindly supported by the Mansion House & Dublin City Council.
Drogheda-2.00pm-4.00pm in Drogheda
• Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital are having an awareness exhibition and balloon release in Drogheda town centre.
• There will be also a tree planting ceremony in the grounds of the hospital, kindly supported by OLOL hospital at 11.00am.
• We will have tree planting ceremonies in a number of different locations.
• Please see our website – and Facebook page
• We have attached our awareness video for your viewing.
If you would like to receive further information please contact:
Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660 or email us at

Press Release – For Immediate Release
Launch of Irish Premature Babies by Georgina Ahern in the Rotunda Hospital Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 11.30am.
Irish Premature Babies – A New Irish voluntary organisation to support the 4,000 families of babies born prematurely in Ireland each year

Irish Premature Babies is a voluntary organisation for parents who have had a premature baby. They are promoting the welfare of families with premature children in Ireland and will be campaigning for better services. This support group, the only one in Ireland is being formally launched on Tuesday 7th September 2010 by Georgina Ahern in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital.
The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of photos and stories from 40 parents of premature babies, showing the inspiring journey these babies and their families make. Families from all over Ireland will attend in the launch & exhibition. A key reason for the exhibition is to create awareness of the issue of prematurity and highlight the problems faced by families affected by a preterm birth.
“A key feature the group offers is access to support for families“says Allison Molloy, founder of Irish Premature Babies and herself a mother of two premature babies. “We run family meet and greet sessions throughout the year and also provide a one to one support network called the “Buddy System” run by our family liaison manager Mandy Daly. This is a nationwide network of volunteers who offer support and understanding to others who have been through the premature baby journey.
The website provides in-depth information on rights and entitlements in Ireland, feeding information, parents’ experiences, discounts and other relevant topics. Irish Premature babies has great support and following on Facebook, Twitter and other Irish parenting websites and this provides a focal point for parents to connect with each other throughout the country.
Premature birth is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a birth that occurs at less than 37 weeks. Most recent statistics indicate that over 6% of live births in Ireland in 2007 were premature.
For invitations and press attendance information please contact Irish Premature Babies. Georgina Ahern will be giving some interviews on the day and we have families throughout Ireland who are prepared to share their experience with both national and regional media.
Contact Details- Allison Molloy at



Other parents