Practical Information
When you have a baby, it can be a costly experience for so many of us. When you have a preterm baby, you have all the usual costs but you also have extra expenses associated with daily visits to see your baby. You have travelling expenses, parking expenses, food and drinks during the day, childcare for other siblings and accommodation costs if your baby is transferred to another hospital and you want to stay close to them. All these extra expenses on top of your regular expenses can put a financial strain on a family already under enough pressure associated with having a baby in the NICU. Unfortunately, Irish Premature Babies cannot help you financially but we can highlight some of the entitlements that you may be able to claim if you live in Ireland. We also want to help you to be aware of any refund / tax rebate that you maybe entitled to from private medical insurance or the Revenue commissioners. We have been able to ascertain a number of discounts for parents, so please avail of them. At the moment, the discounts are for clothing for your premature baby, breast pump rentals, baby accessories and photography. We will keep you updated on other discounts we have secured for you.

The other sections relate to issues that we know are useful for parents,such as feeding issues, I have covered bottle and expressing/ breastfeeding. There is also a weight conversion chart and a growth chart, just so you can familiarise yourself with what these look like. There is also glossary of terms which can come in very handy, while new parents grasp all the medical terms for the first time.

If you feel there are other areas we should cover, please just let us know.


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