World Prematurity day

World Prematurity day 2012. We have promoting a coffee morning nationwide and a Knit for the NICU. 

International Prem Day 2011

World Prematurity Day is the 17th of November 2011. This day will be marked all over the world to create awareness of prematurity and highlight all the problems associated with it. 12 million babies are born premature in the world every year and one million will die. Since our inception in 2009, we have always marked this day and this year will be no exception.
Here is the list of events run by the charity for November the 17th and a copy of our Press Release.

Press Release- From Irish Premature Babies CHY19532

World Prematurity Day 17th November 2011.

12 million babies are born prematurely worldwide every single year and over 1 million of those babies will die.

In Ireland over 4500 babies are born prematurely every year, meaning that one in sixteen women will have a premature baby. Over 500 babies will die in Ireland resulting from either a stillborn or Neonatal death every year. The month of November is designated as International World Prematurity Month and on November 17th, countries across the globe will mark this special day to increase awareness of prematurity and the problems that can be associated with it. In Ireland, the charity Irish Premature Babies (CHY19532) is coordinating a number of events to coincide with World Prematurity Day on November 17th. “One of the key issues we are highlighting this year is the lack of parental accommodation” says Chairperson for the charity Allison Molloy. “If you have a very sick or premature baby who is born anywhere in Ireland, its quiet likely that your baby will be sent to Dublin for treatment, and unfortunately in many cases parents have nowhere to stay. Some premature babies can spend weeks and months in intensive care in Dublin and this puts a huge strain on families already under stress. Parents often don’t have the money for private accommodation and remain separated from their baby which can be hugely detrimental to both the baby and the family”

On Monday the 14th of November:

Our Patron and mum of twins who were born prematurely, Georgina Ahern Byrne will be hosting a spinathon at MU Gym in Malahide. Georgina will be joined by some celebrity friends on the night and they will be spinning for 657 miles to signify the long journey that hundreds of babies make from the different Neonatal Intensive Care Units or Special Care Baby Units around Ireland to Dublin for specialised treatment.

On Thursday the 17th of November:

(1) Positive Steps in Prematurity- Irelands inaugural benchmarking report on the burden of preterm birth on support services for premature babies in Ireland will be launched at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday 17 November 2011 from 10.30am to 12.30am. The launch will be attended by leading neonatology healthcare professionals and policy makers focused on discussing the provision of healthcare for premature babies born in Ireland. “The establishment of a national neonatal health programme governing all aspects of neonatal health in Ireland is essential in the delivery of a cohesive, structured and uniform high standard of care. We welcome the remit of the Clinical Lead in Neonatology which

will play a key role in advancing the process towards improved neonatal intensive care across the country.” says Mandy Daly, family liaison manager for the charity.

(2) At 4.00 pm on the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, our yearly balloon release will take place. The pink and blue balloons released symbolise the premature babies that are born every year in Ireland and we will also release white balloons with personal messages on them for parents whose babies have passed away.

(3) The last event of the day will be the launch of the book “Tiny Footprints”. This unique book highlights the journey of 80 families and their experience of having a premature baby in Ireland. The book epitomises the rollercoaster ride that ensues when a baby arrives before its time. The book has been reviewed by key players on the Irish literary scene; John Connolly, Sheila Flanagan and Cecelia Ahern. The charity, which is wholly voluntary, put together a team who has worked on this project for months, in the hopes that it will raise awareness of prematurity while also generating badly needed funds for parental accommodation. The book will be launched in three locations Dublin, Cork and Galway. In Dublin, the launch will take place at 6.00pm in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital hosted by our patron, Georgina Ahern. In Cork, the launch will commence at 6.30pm at the Rochestown Park Hotel and in Galway it will take place at 6.00pm at the Ardilaun Hotel. All launches will have a number of dignitaries in attendance with a reception and awareness exhibition on display.

If you would like to receive further information on any of the above or would like to attend any of the events please contact:

Our Media Liaison Irene Dowling at 086-1082545 or at 01-8880882

Email us at or

Visit our website at

During the day, we are asking people to hold a coffee/tea morning in aid of the day. A coffee morning can be held in a house, place of work, college, business, local centre, local cafe. If you would like to join in and help mark this day please contact our fundraising team at They will be more than happy to talk to you. Or alternatively, you can just register your details on the front of our website.

We will be having a balloon release in Dublin City Centre, similiar to the one we held last year. The balloons will represent all the premature babies born in Ireland every year and also represent all the babies who have passed away.

In the evening, we will be having our offical book launch. We will be launching our book " Tiny Footprints". It will feature the journey of 80 families from around Ireland. The launch will be held in the Pillar Room in the Rotunda Hospital at 6.00pm. A wine reception will be held and an awareness exhibition will be on display. We are planning to have a smaller launch in at least two other centres to ensure people from all over the country can join in on marking the day.

Wednesday the 17th of November 2010 is International Prematurity Awareness Day across the world

November is prematurity awareness month and the 17th is International Prematurity Awareness Day. According to the March of Dimes, 13 million babies are born too soon around the world every year. In Ireland over 4,500 babies are born too soon every year and over 500 babies sadly pass away. Irish Premature Babies want to help create awareness of prematurity in Ireland on this very special day. We want to highlight the extraordinary difficult start so many of our babies have when they are born too early, we want to recognise the amazing work done in the NICU’s/ SCBU’s throughout Ireland and also remember the babies who have sadly passed away. We hope to mark this day in different locations throughout Ireland.

We would just like to thank Dunnes Stores would kindly donated a cheque for €500 to help us celebrate this very special day.

In Dublin

We will be having an exhibition of awareness featuring some of the stories from the exhibition at our launch in September. The exhibition will take place at St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. We will have people beside the exhibition who will explain to members of the public about prematurity. It is an excellent way to create awareness. This exhibition starts at 9.00am

The Office of Public Works have kindly agreed to donate and plant a tree in St. Stephen’s Green in honour of all the premature babies that are born in Ireland every year. There will be a small official ceremony for the tree planting on the day. Georgina Ahern Byrne will turn the first sod.

Dublin City Council and the Mansion House( on Dawson Street just around the corner from St. Stephens Green) have kindly agreed to allow us to do a balloon release outside the Mansion House. We will have about 300 pink and blue balloons and some white ones for babies who have passed away, (parents can write their angel's name of the balloon). We will have one big balloon release and then parents or children can release their own balloons. This starts at 12.30pm. The Lord Mayor of Dublin will release the balloons.

If you plan to attend and would like to release your own balloon, please send us an email. If you would like your little one's name on the white balloon and you cannot attend, please email us with your baby's name and we will try to put their details on for you as long as we get enough volunteers on the day to help.

In Drogheda

Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital are having an awareness exhibition in Drogheda town centre in the heart of the shopping area. They are also doing a balloon release on the day. On the grounds of the hospital, we have been kindly given a tree to plant to remember all the premature babies that are born each year in OLOL. The tree planting will be at 11.00am and the exhibition and balloon release will be at 2.00pm to 4.00pm


We will have some tree planting ceremonies in the coming days. On Wednesday the 17th of November we have asked radio stations all over Ireland to either mention the day or play the song "wires" by Athlete, which tells the story of a baby rushed to Intensive Care when born.

Copy of our Press Release:
Press Release – For Immediate Release

International Prematurity Awareness Day 17th November 2010.

Georgina Ahern Byrne & the Lord Mayor of Dublin will officiate at events organised on International Prematurity Awareness Day.

One of the aims of Irish Premature Babies is to raise awareness about prematurity in Ireland and highlight the difficulties that parents face when babies are born too early. “International Prematurity day is going to be publicized all over Europe and we will be marking the day in Ireland” says Allison Molloy, Chairperson of Irish Premature Babies. “ We will be paying tribute to the medical staff who do amazing work in the NICU’s/ SCBU’s, creating awareness of the reality of prematurity and remembering the babies who sadly pass away every year” says Mandy Daly, Family Liaison with Irish Premature Babies. Over 4,500 babies are born prematurely every year and almost 500 babies will sadly not survive.

To mark International Prematurity Day we have a number of events running:

Dublin- 12.30pm at the Mansion House- Organised by Irish Premature Babies.

An exhibition of stories and photos from families affected by prematurity in Ireland, taking place at the St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre from 9.00am.
A tree planting ceremony in St. Stephen’s Green in honour of all the premature babies that are born in Ireland every year, kindly supported by the OPW. Georgina Ahern Byrne will turn the first sod on the tree.
A balloon release outside the Mansion House at 12.30pm. There will be pink and blue balloons to highlight to difficult journey premature babies must endure when born. There will be white balloons with names of babies who have passed away. This event is kindly supported by the Mansion House, and Dublin City Council. The Lord Mayor of Dublin and Georgina Ahern Byrne will release the main balloons.

Drogheda-2.00pm-4.00pm in Drogheda- Organised by OLOL Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital are having an awareness exhibition and balloon release in Drogheda town centre.
There will be also a tree planting ceremony in the grounds of the hospital, kindly supported by OLOL hospital at 11.00am.

If you would like to receive further information please contact:

Our Media Liaison Grace Kinsella on 086-7935660

Email us at

Visit our website at

Premature Baby Trees

We hope to plant trees throughout the country in the next couple of months. These trees are to remember all the premature babies that are born every year in Ireland, to remember the difficult journey these babies can face when born and also to remember all the babies that sadly pass away every year.

On the 17th of November 2010 a tree was planted in St. Stephen's Green. The tree is located close to the children's playground. If you come in the entrance from the National Concert hall, the tree is situated beside some old trees dating back over 200 years, hopefully our tree will grow and continue to represent all our prems for a long long time. Every parent helped to turn the sod and even some of the older prems helped.

Drogheda- Our lady of Lourdes planted a tree on the 17th of November in the grounds of the hospital to remember all the premature babies born at the hospital. Prem mum Jackie did the honours will turning the sod, the cermony was attended by hospital NICU staff.



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