What the Charity does

Below is a quick guide that tells you what we do and where we spend our time and money.

Irish Premature Babies is a charity run for premature parents, by premature parents on a voluntary basis. We understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with prematurity so we work tirelessly to ensure you have the support you need through this challenging journey.

Breastfeeding & Expressing:

Irish Premature Babies has 15 hospital grade breast pumps we rent to parents on a monthly basis at a low affordable rate. A

Financial Issues:

Irish Premature Babies main income is through fundraising. We use the money we receive to purchase breast pumps and support parents in financially difficult situations. When funding is available we can provide for various requirements such as travel costs and clothing packages. For more information please email: info@irishprematurebabies.com


Having a premature baby/babies can be emotionally and mentally draining. Sometimes feelings and emotions from the birth and NICU journey can affect your emotional and mental wellbeing. As prem parents ourselves we realise the importance of seeking professional help. If you feel you need support in this area we can put you in touch with trained and experienced counsellors. We will also cover the cost of the first few sessions. For more information please contact us directly.



Other parents