Foundation of Irish Premature Babies
Foundation of Irish Premature Babies:

After leaving the NICU with a second premature baby in 2009, our founder felt that since having her first premature baby in 2006 that there was still not enough readily available information or support for parents when they have a premature baby in Ireland. Ireland in 2009 had very little that represented and promoted the welfare of parents of premature babies and according to the most recent statistics from the Central Statistics Office, there are over 4,500 babies born before 37 weeks in Ireland thus highlighting the need for parents to feel represented and cared about. So in December 2009, she decided to address these issues and try to make life a little easier for parents throughout the country.

Development of the organisation - Irish Premature Babies:

Within a few weeks of its formation, a number of people came on board with Irish Premature Babies. Each parent kindly volunteered their valuable time and effort to further grow and develop the organisation. The organisation grew very quickly, much quicker than anticipated. The organisation was overwhelmed with parents looking for support. The organisation continued to attract volunteers who believed in the ethos and essence of what Irish Premature Babies is all about. After less than a year, IPB was set up as a company limited by guarantee without a share capital and then went on to apply for charity status, which we received in early 2011. The charity is still growing at a phenomenal rate, and the charity is still evolving and developing to meet the challenges that are faced by families each day in Ireland.

The charity is  run by a  board of voluntary directors, who are parents of premature babies. The directors work full time and give up any spare time to complete charity admin ,promote events,meet parents ,give support and organise breast pump rental through our breast pump rental scheme. We meet monthly to discuss how else we can help parents and regulary meet with volunteers who are so helpful and give up spare time to the charity.



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